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Reality Blog

Like uncut reality TV, but in blog form.
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Cell phone service or application that records everything you say, transcribes it to text, and posts it on your blog. Snap a picture and it's added as well.
Worldgineer, Jun 28 2006


       because we don't already have enough privacy issues in this era of big brother.
tcarson, Jun 28 2006

       Just don't talk to anyone wearing one of those bluetooth earpieces. Or pointing a camera in your face. Or talking quietly to themselves "this is the guy that ran away last time I pulled out my cell phone camera".   

       Ooh - new feature. A computer voice translates comments to speech as they're posted.
Worldgineer, Jun 28 2006

       Currently tricky, but we should have this in a few years.
wagster, Jun 28 2006

       Tricky yes, but I can imagine a way of doing this right now without the pictures. Just get two cell phones on a call-eachother-free plan. Call one from the other. Set one by your computer (perhaps hardwire in the speaker) and run transcription software. A little easy code should be able to upload this text to your blog.
Worldgineer, Jun 28 2006

       Or sign up to AudioBlogger if you don't care about the transcription-into-text bit.
dbmag9, Jun 28 2006

       I can see how it might be somewhat appealing, but it sounds terrifically dull to me.
hidden truths, Jun 29 2006

       But my life is _dull_! Dull dull dull. It's bad enough I have to go through it once, let alone inflict it on someone else.   

       Unless the idea is to use this for evil...   

       I can think of one context where this might conceivably be beneficial: lawbreakers could, as a punishment, have to live through every tedious minute of their victims lives for, say, a year. Not only would they get an idea of how their crime affected the person, but it would be a pretty effective punishment, too.
moomintroll, Jun 29 2006


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