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No, I'm not British
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Set up water guns on various busy streets and mount a webcam to them. People online can aim and fire at the poor saps walking past them. Companies desperate for advertising can pay someone to stand in front of the waterguns with their company's shirt on or something, and maybe the occasional girl with a white shirt on will satisfy people's porn-needs. I'm relying on yous guys to elaborate on this idea, I'm falling asleep.
AfroAssault, Jul 01 2001


       Water bombs. From above. More satisfying.   

       But I do like the whole wet t-shirt thing.
mrkillboy, Jul 02 2001

       Seems like you ought to be able to do something fun in realtime instead of just wobble a camera around. To avoid lawsuits you might put up a noticeboard "Get World-Wide Web Exposure On AffroAssault's Wild Wet WebCam!" and then soak 'em.
Dog Ed, Jul 02 2001

       <It works, but I don't like it. Makes it look like two seperate annotations. <shrug> C'est la vie.>   

       I like the original idea...Have seen someone who had an electrically powered hand connected to the web so you could wave at his cats. <Choose strength from 'microwave' to 'tsunami'> Might be amusing to do, but I bet it'd be hard to run in realtime...
StarChaser, Jul 02 2001

       It surely can't have been from the top of the building. I've heard that if you were to drop a penny from the top of the Eiffel Tower and it hit someone, it'd go straight through them, so imagine what damage an egg could do, not least the dry cleaning bill for your jacket. As Pratchett said, hit someone too hard and you can only rob them once, just hard enough and you can rob them every day (at least until they get wise and hire a troll bodyguard, that is)
CoolerKing, Jul 02 2001


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