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Reality Show Bounty Hunter

A game show designed to muck up reality shows
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Five contestants are given ten thousand dollars each (which they cannot keep for themselves) which is to be used to travel the world for 3 months in the effort of trying to assert themselves into the taping of other reality shows.

Contestant one may charter a plane to try to trip up the Amazing Race (steal the envelopes) then fly to Kansas City and get arrested by COPS.

Contestant two goes to Pearl Island and puts itching powder in all the survivor clothes then hightails it to big brother, where he/she releases a swarm of bees into the house.

Contestant three steals the maggot pizza from Fear Factor and dumps it in the stew at Millionaire

The winner wins the respect of game show and reality show lovers the world over.

mahatma, Sep 23 2003

why don't you https://www.youtube...watch?v=uRUhjFF5a6Y
[r_kreher, May 29 2016]


       Sponsored by a bail bond company, perhaps? (You'll need it as you will be bailing your contestants out of jail all the time).
krelnik, Sep 23 2003

       Good point, [Krelnik]..   

       OR.. we put cameras in the jail cells Muhahahah.
mahatma, Sep 23 2003

       trying to figure out if we can create a reality show behind HB....   


       The Halfbakereality show..
mahatma, Sep 23 2003

       Nice. Good to see you around again, [mahatma]. +
k_sra, Sep 23 2003

       LIVE ! From the beautiful cavernous hills of desolate Pakistan !!   

       Today's prizes include "70 beautiful Virgins" (translation: raisins) !
mahatma, Sep 24 2003

       reading the title i thought it was a reality show where you sick a bounty hunteron the contestants some thing like having 5 contestants and 5 hunters and the world is the game area the contesant who survies the longest with geting caught or the one who "removes" their hunter first wins
-Z-, Mar 31 2004

       $10K for three months of international travel? Hard to do on $100/day or for three times that, even.
bristolz, Mar 31 2004

       How about this instead: a reality TV show with a guy standing in front of the camera, saying, "Switch it off! It's crap! You're melting your brain watching this shit. Go out, chat with your friends, get a life!"   

       Hmm, no. Baked by "Why Don't You..." on UK seventies TV.   

       I actually do like this idea of reality TV eating itself. I just wouldn't watch it.
saker, Mar 31 2004

       UnaBubba: That's very bad taste. It's sort of funny but could easily be taken the wrong way.
maabbott88, Mar 31 2004

       Ah, sadly, this wouldn't work quite as broadly since the reality shows without audience interaction (like "Cops", "fear factor" or the "Amazing Race") have long finished taping by the time they're being shown. It's supposed to be "real", but it's far from "live".
jutta, Mar 31 2004

       Oh bristolz, what a soft and pampered existence you lead. Obviously you wouldn't be able to fly first class or have your servants and retainers following you around (like you're used to) but $10k (about £5,500) should be enough for three months, if you cut down on the use of cosmetics. ;o)
DrBob, Apr 01 2004

       //Hmm, no. Baked by "Why Don't You..." on UK seventies TV// see link
r_kreher, May 29 2016


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