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Reality TV show - The Look

Judging singers without hearing them.
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Since there are not nearly enough singing reality shows on TV (ha ha), I have an idea for a new one. It's called "The Look", and it's basically the opposite of "The Voice." Four judges sit in their own clear soundproof booth while a contestant sings. Then they have to try and determine whether the contestant is a good singer or not. If they think they are good, they press a button and the door swings open. If they think the singer is bad, they keep their door closed. At the same time, the audience is voting whether the singer is good or not. After six long months of shows, the winner is the judge that agrees with the audience the most. He or she wins a job as a judge on American Idol.
shaker, Dec 11 2012


       I'll assume this is a tongue in cheek jab at the new face of modern music: all image, vocal chops and crappy songs. [+]   

       Although it would probably be kind of interesting to actually do it.
doctorremulac3, Dec 11 2012


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