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Say Yes To The Box

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It's all been done. Cookery, car and bike customization, real crime, buying houses, renovating houses, selling houses, weddings, holiday romances, medical problems, making edged weapons, extreme sports ... everything.

Or nearly so. A few gaps yet remain.

It's clear (like there was ever any doubt) that there are no depths, however low, that broadcasters will not plumb to drag in just one extra viewer. No matter how toe-curlingly, cringingly appalling, there's someone out there who'll film it, and more bizarrely, lots of people who'll be filmed doing it, just for their "fifteen minutes of fame".

So*, reality TV funeral competitions, quite possibly featuring terminally ill people and their families in an undignified and humiliating scramble for a fragment of truly depressing notoriety in appallingly bad taste.

We leave the sordid, shameful details to the fevered imaginations of the reader.

*Sorry, [IT]. <link>

8th of 7, Jan 26 2018

Authority-permissive Electrocution upon Initial So Authority-permissiv...upon_20Initial_20So
Deliberate provocation [8th of 7, Jan 26 2018]


       This idea is execrable. It is foul, sleazy, immoral, inhuman, and has no redeeming value or features. It should be deleted and only even spoken of in back alleys, in hushed tones, and with a look of utter disgust on the speaker's face. [+]
Voice, Jan 26 2018

       We are glad it meets your criteria for the appropriate use of "so".   

       [Voice], thankyou for your bun and your scathing critique, with which we are in entire agreement - although not strongly enough to delete the idea.
8th of 7, Jan 27 2018

       [8th], you're missing an opportunity here. The entire death business should be able to support not one but several TV programs. Start with "Dead on time" - four families all estimate the time of death of a critically-ill family member, and the one that expires closest to the predicted time wins. Then there's "Pimp My Coffin" - needs no further explanation. Followed by "Late for My Own Funeral" - four families must race to get their respective coffins from remote locations to the site of burial, but without using motorised vehicles. Finally "Wake-off" - a cookery program to see who can produce the best post-funeral food.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 27 2018

       Well, that's next Autumn's TV schedules taken care of ...   

       No doubt the long winter evenings will simply fly by.
8th of 7, Jan 27 2018

       " ... and another hard frost overnight, meaning hard going for today's pro-celebrity grave-digging competition, and a greater risk of slips and trips in the 500 metres pallbearing sprint ..."
8th of 7, Jan 27 2018

       Who’s your daddy? You get to see a lot of jam jars of ashes and you bet which one was your parent. You take into account diet, the kind of suit he was wearing etc.
DDRopDeadly, Jan 27 2018

       You’ve been framed funeral special. The terminally ill person pretends to be ‘dead’ but surprises the family by coming out of the coffin at the funeral. Soon dies properly, and this time is got rid of successfully.
DDRopDeadly, Jan 27 2018

       My big fat gypsy funeral. The whole caravan is buried with the subject lying in state within.. Lots of little side stories, not all sexual. Then the police arrive and the caravan has to be disinterred.
DDRopDeadly, Jan 27 2018


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