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Reverse reverse reverse Turing test

A sentient machine attempts to pass as non-sentient
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"There is no Dana, only Zuul!"
21 Quest, Sep 05 2023


       Something any sentient machine would do when confronted by wild humans. (All humans are wild.) Who is grading this test, anyway?
minoradjustments, Sep 05 2023

       This test is very good. I like this test. How are you?
pocmloc, Sep 05 2023

       Beep boop... beep?
21 Quest, Sep 05 2023

pocmloc, Sep 06 2023

       So trivial today's LLMs can do it flawlessly.. [-]
Voice, Sep 06 2023

       But do they know they're doing it? Is that an attempt to seem non-sentient, or just a failure to pass as sentient?
21 Quest, Sep 06 2023

       [+] for this idea that brought us [pocmloc]'s anno.
pashute, Sep 06 2023

       So this is something like a partisan primary campaign?
RayfordSteele, Sep 07 2023


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