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Realtime Restaurant Report Card

Rate them as you eat
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Have you ever had a wonderful meal at a restaurant one night only to go back and have a horrible experience there on another night? The food tasted great one day, but bad another? Service is wonderful, then nonexistant...Similar to health code inspection grading signs, restaurants would have a grading system based upon realtime customer evaluations. There would be a wireless interactive realtime meter which could be changed at anytime to reflect the customer's mood. The meter could record quality of food, quantity, quality of service, wait time, etc.

The results of all the customers' meters would then be posted on the internet and on the outside of the restaurants entrance. Therefore, realtime evaluations could be seen by potential customers and also by the restaurant staff to improve on weak spots. Then you can know what to expect from the restaurant before you enter it.

darkboy115, Feb 18 2005


       We did something like this a while ago; I suspect it may been by the late [PS]. Not sure about the "wireless interactive realtime meter", but the rest seems OK.
angel, Feb 18 2005

       It was mine, I'm afraid to admit, Mr. Angel sir, and it got such bad reviews it went phoof. (It was a scoring system that showed on the outside, and each patron could rate the place, upon exiting. )   

       I believe it was boo-hooed moslty by Una and jutta, who reminded me there are a gazillion books that have just such reviews.   

blissmiss, Feb 18 2005

       But restaurants change from day to day, chef to chef, waitor to waitor.
darkboy115, Feb 18 2005

       That was my theory too, darkboy, but others did not see it that way. That is why I liked the "exit" polling part, showing a daily tally. As I said, It got kicked in the nuts.
blissmiss, Feb 18 2005

       Hmm...better put on my cup and jock strap.
darkboy115, Feb 18 2005

       I would have voted for you, [bliss].
Worldgineer, Feb 18 2005

       As would I. I often find that certain restaurants (or, let's be honest, pubs) vary because of part-time staff who only woik on certain evenings. This would help to discern a pattern.
With my stated reservations about the realtime meter, I vote Yea.
angel, Feb 18 2005

       Say that one of the main chefs is a little sick, but still shows up for work, but makes a few lousy meals. And the people see this and steer clear, and as a result, the owner tells the chef to take the rest of the day off.   

       Does the rating go back up immediately after the weak-link is eliminated?   

       Also, and more importantly, how will you prevent competing establishments from abusing the system in an effort to get more customers in their doors?
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 18 2005

       //how will you prevent ...//
Your receipt has a number, which includes a check-sum. Non-valid check-sums don't get posted. That way, you must at least have bought and paid for a meal.
angel, Feb 18 2005

       I don't think this would solely replace all decision making factors in choosing a restaurant. Just a notice of how conditions are for that night. Usually people have in mind of places the want to go. They could then compare those few restaurants against each other.   

       Of course historical ratings could also be included to see patterns of performance. You could look up ratings compared to a few months ago, or when the last time you went there was.   

       The check-sum idea is good too. That would help in preventing fraud.
darkboy115, Feb 18 2005

       How I envision this: Checks RealtimeRestaurant ReportCard.com. Types in zipcode, clicks on Chinese. Notices Singapura has been down all week, but the Jade Pagota is doing well today. Drives to Jade Pagota.
Worldgineer, Feb 18 2005

       [Worldgineer] You might want to call ahead for reservations at Jade Pagota. Due to their recent high marks they've been booked solid till late. And good luck finding a parking space.
jaksplat, Feb 18 2005

       Funny, this might lead to complex and interesting behavior regarding reservations. You wouldn't want to make reservations until the last minute in case the service changes. But last-minute the ratings might be great and it would be hard to get in. Taken to the extreme, this could be mildly close to day-trading. Perhaps there should be an e-mail or pager service.   

       Maybe this could even lead to reservation brokers: "Jade Pagoda's up two points? What's the time down to for 2 on the 8th? 5:30's not bad. Sell 2 seats of Singapura, buy 2 of JP."
Worldgineer, Feb 18 2005

       A dish on my table, with a sign attached: "Your tip so far."
spacer, Feb 18 2005


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