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Restaurant rating system

A rating system to classify eateries based on cost and quality.
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I have devised a system that uses levels to assign restaurants specific numbers, based on price and quality. If you feel like a certain type of food, or want to describe a place to a friend, you can use this system to relay your impressions and feelings while being more concise.

Tier 1-Fast food: This is the lowest level of the system. Restaurants that are relatively inexpensive (around 5 USD a meal) and of inferior quality are here. Examples: McDonald's Taco Bell Wendy's Jack-in-the-Box Arby's? (see below)

Tier 2-Diners: This level is reserved for places that are somewhat more expensive, may still have a drive-through, but are still fast and lower quality. Expensive fast food restaurants may be included. Examples: Steak n' Shake Arby's Hardee's Fazoli's other locally owned diners

Tier 3-Sit Down: This level contains restaurants that are considerably more expensive, and have a much greater quality of food. There is never a drive-through window, and you are usually waited on. Some pizza chains fall into this category. Examples: Monical's Pizza Hut Bennigan's Cheddar's Applebee's Red Lobster

Tier 4-Fancy: The penultimate dining experience. There are not many chains of fancy restaurants, so it is very hard to give examples. Imagine a dress code, full wait staff, and reservations. Examples: The Ribeye (local)

Tier 5-Ultimate: Very few of these restaurants exist, and there is no way to get into them unless you're amazingly rich or a celebrity. Examples: Club 33 (Secret club in Disneyland)

Blisteredhobo, Jun 03 2004

The Fat Duck Restaurant http://www.fatduck.co.uk/intro.html
... gotta be the 10th time I've linked this one. [jonthegeologist, Oct 04 2004]

The Top 50 Restaurants in the World http://www.squareme...y.php?CategoryID=41
... [no mention of Club33] ... [jonthegeologist, Oct 04 2004]


       How is different in principle from the Michelin restaurant star ratings?
ldischler, Jun 03 2004

       what's the system used for?
xclamp, Jun 03 2004

       Why not just quote a guesstimate of the average price of a main?
calum, Jun 03 2004

       price is no indication of quality [calum], but can be an indication of the restaurant's pretensions of grandeur.   

       [blisteredhobo] in summary then, your tiers are Cheap Fast Food, Slightly Classier Fast Food, Sit Down Restaurants, Sit Down restaurants with dress codes and restaurants that you can only dream of?   

       Got to fish you. There are many restaurant guides which differentiate on many other criteria other than those you've listed. I don't believe that Tier-5 (by your definition) restaurants exist : you can get a table at the world's best restaurants by simply waiting your turn. Book ahead.   

       I'm neither rich or famous, but I have eaten in superb restaurants, including one recently voted as the best in Europe and the World's second best.
jonthegeologist, Jun 03 2004

       // price is no indication of quality [calum]//
Have to disagree with you on that one. Price is an indication of both the type of and quality you should expect of a restaurant. That the your expectations are not always met doesn't mean that it's a totally worthless rule of thumb. I've had proportionally more shit meals in cheap eats places than in mid to costlier places.
calum, Jun 03 2004

       a salad at £20 is not necessarily better than a £10? A £20 salad is unlikely to live up to the expectations set by the price and so disappoint.
jonthegeologist, Jun 03 2004

       The price tag on the food doesn't just cover the cost of the food. If you're paying £20 for a salad, it'd better be (a) very tasty (b) served in beautiful surroundings and (c) served swiftly by a pleasant, amenable staff. All of which are important (and not exhaustive) criteria for assessing the quality of a restaurant.
calum, Jun 03 2004

       Or Calum the salad will just be a very expensive bowl of flavoured lettuce.   

       On a recent trip to Amsterdam with a few friends we ate very well just picking restaurants based on price and hunger, daren't do this round any cities in the UK.
engineer1, Jun 04 2004


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