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Rate a dish after you've eaten it at the restaurant
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After you've eaten your meal, the waiter comes up to you and politely asks you to rate your dish on a scale of 0-5 and text this rating in addition to the dish number and a restaurant code to some number (actually a web server). The restaurant now has a rating for their dishes. The user could be given a coupon or something for his rating.

This data can be fed ;) to websites like zagat, yelp etc.

goodmars, Feb 10 2009

we have the Phantom Gourmet who does this... http://en.wikipedia...iki/Phantom_Gourmet
[xandram, Feb 11 2009]


       I thought I was going to hate this idea, but it kind of grows on you. Sure, there'll be a lot of noise in the data. A lot depends on who you're with, what your standards are, and why you came to a restaurant in the first place. Real gastronomes won't be happy with anything like this, but I'd like it.
colorclocks, Feb 11 2009

       they should offer a prize as an incentive.
po, Feb 11 2009

       At the beginning of every month the restaurant can print out the overall ranking for each dish and add it to the menu as an adendum.
goodmars, Feb 11 2009

       [+].. but why does the waiter have to ask you? Why can't you submit the review online at home where you don't have to pay SMS charges? What's the income model? How does this work in restaurants where the chef actually knows his stuff and customers don't stick to the menu?
vincevincevince, Feb 11 2009

       The guy that does the Phantom Gourmet show, I rate him a 10. He is cute. cute cute. Ooops sorry. The idea is okay too.
blissmiss, Feb 11 2009


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