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Trash Can Menu Reviews

Two sets of trash cans - Liked it or Hated it
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Fast food joint has two sets of trash cans - One marked Liked it. And one marked Hated it.

Good feed back for the operator. If all the turkey roll salads start ending up in the hate can, time to at least smell the turkey.

Most people will put the remains in the like can. After all they chose it out of all the possibilities. To buy something and say you hate it makes you appear a crazy person.

popbottle, Jan 21 2014


       A good idea, as long as both cans are emptied regularly, and the amounts in them recorded at the time they're emptied, and the *time* at which they're emptied recorded.   

       If one can gets full, customers will use the other, regardless of what it says, so keeping them from getting full is vital if you want the measurements to be meaningful.   

       Furthermore, since different cooks are on different schedules, knowing *when* more waste ends up in which bin is valuable, since it tells you which of your cooks are good, and which are bad.   

       Actually identifying what went into each waste bin is likely to be a nasty job, if the trash has to be directly inspected. Instead, I'd recommend an automatic camera which watches the trash as it goes in.
goldbb, Jan 22 2014

       If it's fast food coloring wrappers by food type would help.
Voice, Jul 20 2014


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