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Realwheel Backpack

backpack pushes you forward on the hike, lean on your backpack for rest
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My friends, Vote for this idea with images, detailed on the new quirky please.

The backpack pushes you on the hike, and you can lean on it for resting.

See link.

pashute, Oct 09 2017

Realwheel Backpack old idea on the new Quirky https://invent.quirky.com/invent/297567
[pashute, Oct 09 2017]

An image search of quirky might show typical products without a login https://www.google....s=0&tbm=isch&tbas=0
[beanangel, Oct 10 2017]


       Quirky demands a sign-up. Put your pictures somewhere more useful please.
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 09 2017

       The last Quirky left me feeling jilted. I have to ask myself; do I want to feel that again? I did several sketches for ideas both posted and un-posted there. When they disappeared it pissed me off. Being pissed off is not conducive to maintaining a creative state of mind.   

       Just my two cents.   

       Is the 'new' Quirky going to reinstate my 'old' Quirky submissions or are they forever lost?   

       Boo. This is just spam.
mylodon, Oct 10 2017

       well, if you do a quirky.com image search there are lots of mildly improved things, particularly kitchenware and cord organizers, which gives me a kind of idea about what Quirky is. Also it looks like people actually arrange to make stuff and have it at stores.   

       I am a halfbakery fan, because here I can say silly things like "gradual grid ||||| in-plug stepped voltage lowerers so when you unplug electronics suddenly the power steps down microgradually, possibly reducing risks to electronics' instead of a new shape of headphone cord like Quirky.   

       That said, I do not understand how a backpack can keep pushing me forward. I can imagine a backpack that changes my posture to be more ergonomic, causing me to be a slightly more efficient hiker. Another possibility is like roller luggage with ratcheted wheels, if there is any micro-backwards motion from walking (don't think there is) the energy is always pushing off a support.   

       Anyway, I think it is likely a cool idea. If you like, explain it further here.
beanangel, Oct 10 2017

       If I'm lugging around a motorized backpack, then
1: how many more breaks am I going to need considering the weight of the motor, and 2: why lug it at all--just let the wheel take the weight?
RayfordSteele, Oct 12 2017


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