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Roller Crutches

Fun for disabled people
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Fill two rollerskates with fast-drying resin and stick the ends of crutches in them. Let harden. Now you have a fancy pair of high-speed crutches to make it fun and popular to be crippled or injured.

Also works with rollerblades and ice-skates.

napoleonbag, May 09 2007

Castor cane Castor_20cane
[bungston, May 09 2007]


       Yes! It reminds me of the guy I saw recently riding his motorbike with one leg sticking out in a plaster cast. Why let one accident stop you having another?
conskeptical, May 09 2007

       //make it fun and popular to be crippled// - [marked-for-tagline]
wagster, Jun 22 2007


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