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Rear View Mirror for Pedestrians

Walk safely without disturbing movement of vehicles
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This is just an extension of baked idea. I don't know whether it qualifies as HB idea or not.

Similar to automobiles/ bicylces, I propose special headgear with rear view mirror for pedestrians.

Imagine a road without walkway on the side for pedestrians. If vehicles are parked on that road & a pedestrian passes by them, (s)he moves towards the centre of road, sometimes without looking back. This disturbs speed of moving vehicles & causes accidents in some cases. By using the rear view mirror (s)he won't need to look back every now & then; safety will be ensured & vehicular movement won't be disturbed.

vedarshi, Feb 08 2007

US patent 4490012 http://v3.espacenet...C&IDX=US4490012&F=0
[xaviergisz, Feb 08 2007]

Cycling Mirrors http://www.icebike..../cyclingmirrors.htm
[xaviergisz, Feb 08 2007]


       I can't believe it ! The sketch for US patent 4490012 [xaviergisz's link] shows exactly what I meant to say.
vedarshi, Feb 08 2007

       I have used a glasses-mount mirror while cycling for many years, and recommend it highly. It's handy for other situations, too, but usually not quite worth the bother and funny looks. But I'd pop it on for walking on busy roads, or bad parts of town, you bet.
baconbrain, Feb 08 2007

       You can also get 'rear view' sunglasses, with a wider than normal frame and the outer part of the 'glass' mirrored. (I have seen them up close, just an ad at the back of a science mag.)
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 08 2007


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