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photographic mirror

A mirror that remembers what you looked like
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Did you ever have a really good hair day, or a day when you looked extra sharp in that suit, only to try again later and find that you just look goofy now? With the photographic mirror you could save an image that you particularly liked and then later on have it superimposed semi-transparently over your reflection so you could get your look back.

It could also be useful in dressing rooms for seeing if the clothes you want look good together without having to try on tons of different combinations.

confusionary, Aug 11 2000

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       You could also use this to see how you look from behind. (or above or with your eyes closed etc)..... turn around, hit the freeze frame button and then look to see the image in the mirror.
blahginger, Aug 11 2000

       No, no, no! I usually look hung-over and tired, which just proves that the mirror doesn't lie, because that's what I am--hung over and tired. It'd be one thing if this device were very selective, but usually, I don't want to emulate what I see, with my hair all upside down and the dark circles under my eyes. On very rare occasions, I'd like to capture those days when I feel I look good, but the sad fact is, I usually only look in the mirror when I wake up, and I look dangerous and scary. I'd only be able to use this on rare occasions, and that alone would damage my self-esteem. Who needs that?   

       Besides, when people think they're looking really good, they usually don't look as good as they think they do. So they adopt their "hot face" and other temporary modifications before walk out the door, confident that they look much better than they actually do. Subsequently, they act like they're really hot, but in truth, they just fall on their asses. People just aren't that pretty, once you subtract all the accoutrements like lighting, posing, etc. I guess what I mean is, maybe YOU think you're amazing on a given day, but you're your biggest fan. No need to entertain fleeting delusions.   

       I've just seen too many people who think they're looking good, yet even the remotely observant wouldn't assign the same value to them as they do to themselves.
rachele, Jan 20 2001

       Baked! This is a great idea and incredibly do-able. The technology exists with home video and home computers. Many of us could set it up now.
DrBeauxeaux, Jan 20 2001

       A Picture Of Dorian Gray
clydesdale, Feb 06 2001

       get a camera
DaveSt, Aug 25 2001

       ummm... in order to superimpose the image on a mirror, wouldn't this have to be holographic?   

       Personally, i like the idea. Especially if it is holographic, because you could take a single image and then look at it from different angles. As for whether i look good, it really doesn't matter because I always think i look dreadful anyway.
sadie, Jul 06 2002


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