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Motorcycle Whiskers

Because no two bodies can occupy the same place at the same time.
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There -still- are countries where car drivers invade motorcycle space. Cars presume the space occupied by a biker is negligible. The Whiskers attempt to create a virtual car body for a motorcycle. Bundles of whiskers extend from the motorbike itself, to points in space corresponding to points in the surface of a pretended car. The wiskers can be softly luminous. What a view. And what an accident deterrent.
selenio, Mar 23 2016

Somewhat overdone. http://blog.defgrip...s/2009/04/lambo.jpg
[selenio, Mar 23 2016]

Car Whiskers Car_20Whiskers
[hippo, Mar 24 2016]

Moustache_20Handlebars [FlyingToaster, Mar 24 2016]


       It's going to make splitting lanes (filtering for some of you) a challenge.
normzone, Mar 23 2016

       Oh, the Whiskers will preclude filtering then. I did'nt know there was a legislation debate among motorists.
selenio, Mar 23 2016

       And the motorcycle occupies now the same space as a car.
piluso, Mar 23 2016

       Well, you could offer the curtailed version that only extends 18 inches or so and is tipped with paint removal devices. This would enhance the filtering experience.
normzone, Mar 23 2016

       Softly luminous paint removal whiskers. Cyclists will finally receive the respect, and berth, they deserve. Brilliant! +
whatrock, Mar 23 2016

       Bike or pedestrian whiskers ?
popbottle, Mar 24 2016

       Hmm, pedestrian whiskers are even more fashionable, and if they are beautiful, they are useful.
selenio, Mar 24 2016

       // Cyclists //   

       Sp. "Bikers"   

       'Cyclists' implies silly trousers, a coloured egg-box on the head, an absence of an internal combustion engine, and the presence of a death-wish.   

       Cyclists are vermin and need to be exterminated.
8th of 7, Mar 24 2016

       How's the motorcycling going [8th] ?
normzone, Mar 24 2016

       Delightful, apart from all the bloody cyclists that keep getting in the way.   

       A systematic cull is long overdue.
8th of 7, Mar 24 2016


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