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Receipt Scanner

Scans consumer receipts and enters info into finance program
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The Receipt Scanner is a small upward standing USB device that would receive receipts like a paper shredder, scan the receipt, and use integrated OCR software that would read the receipt and enter the appropriate information, including place of purchase, date, and total, into the user's primary finance program (such as Quicken or MS Money).

The software would use templates for major retailers. Users could update these templates or download new ones from a website. In the case of the lack of a receipt template, the user could, by way of easy to use software, define each area where the field was contained (Date, Purchase Place, etc) and then use the self-made template (and upload it to the main website if they choose).

The user would be given the option to save the receipt digitally as an image file, if so desired the software could catalog the receipt and it's appropriate information for later search and retrieval. Also, the user could password protect these files.

Physically, the device would be small enough to fit on a desk, and top heavy and bottom-flat enough to stand upright, but large enough to scan the larger non traditional receipts (i.e. Circuit City). One would insert a receipt very much like a paper shredder, or the paper insert tray of most printers. The device would use a detection method similar to those used to accept dollar bills in snack dispensers. Upon receipt insertion, the device would automatically activate and send the information to the finance program requiring little or no involvement from the user.

superultra, Oct 06 2003

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       This is a saleable idea, I'll buy the first one.
grahamhgreen, Oct 07 2003

       This could also be an OCR software application using existing scanners. Cheaper than buying new hardware.
waugsqueke, Oct 07 2003

       I only found the page (and this site) because I was looking on Google to find one of these to buy it. So the sooner it gets baked the better.
dthyer, Oct 31 2003

       Yeah I know. He spammed me twice today.
waugsqueke, Dec 02 2003

       (drumming fingers, waiting for Pizzonuts chain to open and spam me)
Worldgineer, Dec 02 2003

       check out   

jansen, Dec 30 2004

       surely retailers should publish our receipts on a (only-identifieable-by-us) URL so
a) we can add up financial information
b) we can also track problems with the items, product recalls etc.
neilp, Dec 30 2004


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