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Rechargeable Nuvaring

The new Nuvaring works a year or even more, it is just a 35th or less the cost of the pill, it gets around medical tobacco screening to be OTC
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A group of women rated Voluntary birth control as their most appreciated technology of the 20th century. 100 million women were described as being on Oral contraceptives during 2011-2012 AD. That's marvelous yet there are about 1.7 billion women or girls of fertile age on earth that year. So just 1/16 of them are using the pill

The Nuvaring, introduced 2001, is about to go public domain thus could cost less than 10c each to make as a generic. The vinyl like polymer along with less than a twentieth of a gram of hormones has similarities to cheap polymer jewelry

A year functioning Nuvaring would diffuse 7300 ug/year of ethynyl estradiol, 7 milligrams as well as 43 milligrams Etonogestrel As the Nuvaring masses perhaps 10 grams each full year of hormonal availability represents less than 1/200th (ish) the actual mass of the plastic. I say Ish as of course only some of the chemicals diffuse. Perhaps its 1/40th of the mass. I think this is just a matter of choosing a different polymer to make it out of.

not an invention right aha theres more

a multiyear functional nuvaring could be created if the annulus had gentle swells each of which had a polymer capsule similar to those glow tube party favors. (link) The core of the nuvaring would have a diffusion thread to carry the renewed hormonal fluid around the perimeter. The woman or girl would just squeeze a new capsule each birthday or on a holiday.

Theres a video

about the only thing I have to say about this video is I also made a Chinese version so maybe they will actually make the thing. a billion dimes is still 100 million US$.

Notably the vinyl like year nuvaring compares to cheap polymer jewelry thus might actually be less than a 10c a year. That compares very favorably with the pill at 1c each $3.65 or 35 times more than 10c Nuvaring to provide a year of benefit.

Supposedly there were 2 billion people living off $2.00 a day during 2011 AD. the year nuvaring at 10c to get a years contraception is super affordable

Now along with the glow tube version at the video I also suggested alternate ingredients like spermidine that actually reduce cancer as well as STD transmission thus possibly creating a more medically favored thing than the birth control pill which is thought to have permissable risks, except among tobacco users. putting anticancer drugs at the year nuvaring thus gives it a mass OTC advantage over the birth control pill while also removing the professional screening part.

beanangel, Apr 11 2012

the year or better nuvaring video http://www.youtube....watch?v=Qks6e63ih2M
[beanangel, Apr 11 2012]


       What do I win if I guessed correctly?
Alterother, Apr 11 2012

       A long trek back up to the top of the page?
ytk, Apr 11 2012

       I'm... wait... I'm sorry... out of breath... hah... hah... okay... Okay, what was that now?
Alterother, Apr 11 2012

       I think the problem would be converting the stored form of hormones into the polymer-bound and slowly diffusing form. The diffusion thread is asking the liquid to bind to the polymer and then later unbind. It might work - if these things are simply mass action then it could.   

       The Norplant was good for 5 years; similar principles. But maybe a larger total volume of polymer?   

       Birth control pills do reduce cancer already.   

       Your video is slick enough that it might be good to have in the intro that it is speculative, not an ad for an existing device.
bungston, Apr 11 2012

       [bungston] really awesome ideas much appreciated   

       Im updating the video now with Develop this   

       I think that a plurality of tiny tubes is a possible alternative to the diffuser thread The plurality part gives a distribution of diffusion chambers, which maintains an averaged actual dosage   

       I put a bunch of ethinyl estradiol suppliers n the like from alibaba at the video notes to attract developers when they autosearch
beanangel, Apr 12 2012


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