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Recognizing 2004

The bank is giving us until February to keep writing 2003
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When I edit a view, under "filter by time", there's an option to filter items changed since a certain date. But the pull-down that allows you to specify the year in the date does not include 2004, which I would find quite useful at the moment.
beland, Jan 03 2004


       Ha! But for bugs like this, you're better off notifying the webmistress directly: bakesperson@halfbakery.com. (See that "report a problem" button so helpfully situated on the left...?)
DrCurry, Jan 03 2004

       Yes, that's the best way to go with this. I had to report this same issue last year, and Jutta fixed it in a matter of minutes.
krelnik, Jan 03 2004

       I was going to remind you now in advance for 2005, but that would be wanky.
Detly, Jan 04 2004

       Post dated email?
sufc, Jan 04 2004

       Yay, fixed! Thanks!
beland, Jan 05 2004


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