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halfbakery: troll
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 (+5, -26)(+5, -26)(+5, -26)  anti-gravity custard-filled, genetically engineered perpetual motion device 
 (-5)(-5)  A tale of 1.5 bananas 
 (-5)(-5)  Black Ball 
 (+4, -3)  Chatbots to Save Democracy 
   Cow Suit 
 (+3, -2)  Did I anno that? 
 (-5)(-5)  Fake Ideas 
 (+1, -11)(+1, -11)  Half Bakery Nutritional Supplement 
 (+7, -3)  Halfbakery "Troll-In-Residence" Exchange Programme 
 (-9)(-9)  HB Stocks 
 (+1, -3)  Honeypot halfbakery 
 (+35, -6)(+35, -6)(+35, -6)  ignore stupid "ideas" 
   Keep troll ideas around 
   Let the Bun Shine 
 (+2)  [normzone] declares free agency 
 (+2, -5)  Occasionally changing idea 
   Rant undermining device 
 (+10, -1)(+10, -1)  The AntiBub Cometh 
 (+1, -4)  Trawl the HalfBakery 
 (+4, -2)  Troll-Baiters Anonymous 
 (+8, -6)  Troll Petting Zoo 
 (+8, -5)  Trollfinder General 
 (+4, -2)  Wet Fish Warning 


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