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If you're gonna say it, make sure you can live with it.
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Would everybody just freak out if we could no longer delete/edit our annotations? The problem that I see is that the few of us that are constantly refreshing can end up having these little closed-loop conversations via a public forum, deleted and/or edited annotations being the mechanism. At the end of this, a few of us may have had some meaningful exchanges, but other than the invisible logs, there is no record of said exchanges. Do we not want 0ut5iderZ to see these things? That seems shameful cowardice. Also, there can arise considerable confusion in the mind of someone trying to read through the annotations as a chronological history, but with missing pieces. Often, the deletion or editing of an annotation requires more of the same, until all the meta- and interesting contextual data has been stripped, and the thread is left pristine, sterile, and safe. Blah. I maintain that the community that is HB needs to seem such, regardless of how far awry we may drag the annotation chain. Transparent Halfbakery, laid bare for the world to see, with jutta as the sole arbitor.
absterge, Apr 02 2001


       Please no!
egnor, Apr 03 2001

       In hindsite, most of us would/ should be embarassed by our Half-baked ideas. They can be wrong, mis-informed, crazy, etc. If I attach my true name, it might prevent me from becoming President of my nation, company or political party (not in the USA for me, at the moment) !!   

       There is the other danger however. I've had very good ideas, etc 'stolen' from me. The thief who stole them made no acknowledgement of my work or my original schema. To make matters worse, she pubished her follow-through story in the next (quarterly) issue after mine was published. So perhaps the original message was correct. Greg Zeng, Australia.
gz, Apr 19 2001

       I wonder if we can use these writings as a legal reference for the creation of a later 'original' idea/ trademark/ patent/ copyright that I/ we created, or did not create?   

       In Australia, with our no-freedom-of-speech libel laws, it is very important sometimes to prove that I (Greg Zeng) did NOT say/ write/ originate certain ideas.
gz, Apr 23 2001

       Since this is supposed to be an embarrassment, maybe 'delete' should work more like 'hide'. When somebody deletes and idea, it's still visible to them on their own page in blanked out red, but not to anybody else. When you delete an annotation, it's still visible to both you and the idea's owner in blanked out red, but not to the general public. If you wish, you can then undelete it.   

       Needless to say, abuse of this would be punished by revealing all the shameful details.   

       (Shame and embarrassment. Can anybody tell that I'm english?)
sadie, Jul 08 2002

       What about annotations that disappear when a user destroys their account? There are some threads of discussion with no starting point... I think this is an issue.   

       What about having it set up so that you can edit an annotation, but if you do, there is a link below saying [see original comment] or somesuch, which shows the "history" of the annotation... or might this be too much trouble?
Detly, Aug 01 2003


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