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Rectal Tampons

You could probably guess...
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Have a bad case of diarrhea? Late for a international flight?

Got the runs? You fiance's invited you to have easter dinner with her family?

Apply "Rectsafe" the new Rectal Tampon to get through those could be 'Messy' situations.

Simply insert the cotton tube... well, you get it. It's better than a diaper, right?

ColonelMuffins, Apr 23 2007

Man-Pad (with wings) Man-Pad_20(with_20wings)
[xaviergisz, Apr 23 2007]

See second question. http://www.thestran...avageLove?oid=21841
[jutta, Apr 24 2007]

Further comments. http://www.thestran...avageLove?oid=22013
(At end of post.) [jutta, Apr 24 2007]


       Tom Sharpe preheated this. I forget which book it was in but it was mainly set in France and revolved around a lad called Peregrine (I think).
stilgar, Apr 23 2007

       Gas would build up, and the thing would fly across the room.
phundug, Apr 23 2007

       Many of my halfbaked ideas come from daily experience. Thus I am often curious as to the origin of others, but not in this case. [-]
nuclear hobo, Apr 23 2007

       Jutta - I don't know what to say. Just when I think I have you all figured out based on which ideas you post on and which ones you don't, I have to throw away all my suppositions and start over.
normzone, Apr 24 2007

       There is now an image in my mind that I dearly want to get rid of.   

       Be a man, hold it. What if your man- tampon fails, and you're not tensing? that would be really really explosive.
twitch, Apr 24 2007

       This was actually a tip I picked up from someone in the army. They also serve other purposes, they are the most compact way of carrying cottonwool and they are perfect for bullet wounds.
marklar, Apr 24 2007

       normzone - surely you mean "throw away all my suppositories".
Murdoch, Apr 24 2007

       Oh god, jutta.
blissmiss, Apr 24 2007

       Na na na na na na na na na na na
nomocrow, Apr 24 2007

       This isn't isolated for male use.
ColonelMuffins, Apr 27 2007

       Gross, weird, funny. This has to be an evolutionary idea from a clean freak who simply couldn't wipe enough.
elhigh, May 15 2007

       Rectal tampons would probably cause more trouble than they're worth.
quantum_flux, Oct 10 2007


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