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refractive disguise

by transparent material
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instead[or with] of accesories covering parts of the face,but leaving features in the same places with the same proportions; a bendy sheet of plastic to cover the face and have a hall of mirrors effect, except with refraction
technobadger, Nov 08 2001


       Would the effect be similar to the one in Predator, the Arnold movie c. 1988?
bristolz, Nov 08 2001

       I was woried this would be a badly thought out method of hiding using mirrors or something... this is better even if it does end up being priced out of the market by those cunning socks...
RobertKidney, Nov 08 2001

       Spectacles do this to a limited extent.
pottedstu, Nov 09 2001

       Sounds similar to the scramble suits in Philip K. Dick's "A Scanner Darkly".   

       Ah I love that book.
-alx, Nov 09 2001

       If I find another halfbake, does that make it full-baked? I'm thinking of the 'field effect' or 'Heinleiner' suits in John Varley's SF. (See: 'Steel Beach' for examples.
Orb2069, Mar 21 2002

       It's more like three-fourths baked, assuming no correlation between halfbakings.
bookworm, Mar 21 2002


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