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Red Reubins

A lovely sandwhich with a little extra color.
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If you have ever noticed, whenever women eat sandwhichs with lipstick on, they leave a light layer of it on the sandwhich, when the first bite is taken.

Well, to save on their/our embarressment, and for those brave guys out there who are not afraid to let their wild side out, we invented the Red Reubin.

A sandwhich with a small bite taken out of it, and a lovely scarlet impression left behind.

Now when a lady takes the first bite, she can blame the red rimmed lip print on the Red Reubin.

Ruby Red Reubins are available for 10 cents more. (Add red onion)

blissmiss, Sep 27 2010


       No, no, no...then they blend in perfect harmony.
blissmiss, Sep 27 2010

       Coffee cups to match? [+]
xenzag, Sep 27 2010

       ...Oh yeah...
blissmiss, Sep 27 2010

       Could you bake a bread that uses beetroot as a filler? Like a carrot cake, only more beetrooty/bready? Downside is you might get some of the redness on your fingers as well.
zen_tom, Sep 27 2010

       [zen] - I think that suggests a better idea than this. If you made bread using beetroot juice instead of water you'd then have pink bread and could make sandwiches on which lipstick marks would not show.
hippo, Sep 27 2010

       I think that suggests a better idea than this.   

       A plastic device--in the shape of a large set of lips with an oval hole cut from between the 'lips,' which fits over the biter's mouth allowing the teeth to close whilst holding the lips well clear of the sandwich. No lip marks, regardless of the kind of bread.   

       Well, that's another idea, not necessarily a better one. I like the coyness of [blissmiss]'s idea. Bun! [+]
Boomershine, Sep 27 2010

       When my sister & I were wee, and eating jam sandwiches for tea, we would play at putting on lipstick using the jam from inside our sandwiches.
pocmloc, Sep 27 2010

       Soooo ahead of your time, so ahead. A + for you and your sister.
blissmiss, Sep 27 2010

       //Now when a lady takes the first bite//   

       What sort of uppish, suffragette nonsense is this, I ask? It's a man's right to get first bite, surely?
infidel, Sep 27 2010

       What about the Goth girls -- do you have a sandwich in Basic Black? No matter, one shiny red bun, just for you! [+]
Grogster, Sep 27 2010

       (can hear the jingle now) ...Yum!"
RayfordSteele, Sep 28 2010


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