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Refrigerator hieroglyphics

A curse upon those who dare to upset my diet soda!
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Why is is that no amount of freezer tape with a name scrawled out in black marker can protect one's precious break time treats? (Not a rant btw). How about adding on an additonal "curse" to the homemade labels? Like "may he who should disturb the chamber of this pb&j sandwich shall have many copier problems". It probably wouldn't stop any would-be theives (never did for the tomb raiders in the old movies) but it might make them think.
Graciem, Aug 16 2002


       mfd magic?
yamahito, Aug 16 2002

       It's not magic, it's psychology.
Aristotle, Aug 16 2002

       You can also dab things with blue or green food-dye. That tends to put people off.
Loris, Aug 16 2002

       Graciem's problem is exactly the reason I keep my whisky in my desk at work.
calum, Aug 16 2002

       [bliss] - [calum] said nothing about keeping his whisky in a bottle...
PeterSilly, Aug 16 2002

       I've told this story here before, but that was long ago, before we had things like teeth and squirrels, so I'll tell it again.   

       I once solved the food theft problem by constructing a "dynamite bomb" out of a few 9-inch lengths of air hose (nice, brick-red color, about 1 inch in diameter), some black electrician's tape to cap the ends of the hose, some curly wire, and a dial thermometer (simulating a timer or some other activator). If a prospective thief takes time to think it through, it becomes evident that it's not real, but on initial inspection, and strapped to my six-pack of Mountain Dew with a note that read "Make my day," it was evidently pretty persuasive. It solved the problem, at any rate.   

       Having solved the problem, eventually I took my "bomb" home with me (at the time I lived in an apartment), and dropped it on the kitchen table. As it happened, the kitchen table was in a prominent position...the first thing one would see upon entering the apartment.   

       Then came the day when the periodic bug-spraying service came along with their master key and sprayed inside everyone's apartment while people were away at work. I got a call from the apartment manager, saying, "We'd like for you to come by the office this afternoon...we need to have a friendly chat with you about any serious issues you may be dealing with..."   

       It still amuses me to imagine the scene when that poor service person encountered my handiwork.
beauxeault, Aug 16 2002

       beauxeault : Er..... reverse of your story .... I used to keep plastic explosive in my mother's freezer, in a couple of ice cream tubs labelled "cooking butter" (it looked just like blocks of butter wrapped in waxed paper). Thankfully she never tried to fry anything with it ... !
8th of 7, Aug 16 2002

       Any relation to 4th of 7?
thumbwax, Aug 16 2002


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