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Office Bumper Cars

Add a little excitement to your work breaks
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Take the regular old office chair and add a little bumper skirt to it. Now get all your coworkers out into the hall, or remove all the cubes, and go at it. Movement can go in any direction, limited to only how fast your little legs can move you. No winners or losers, just good exercise. Work would probably have to offer some sort of whiplash clause to health contract, but think of the fun. True, no blue sparks come out at the top, but thats only half the fun, right?
barnzenen, Oct 21 2002


       will your boss ride along behind you and change chairs as they are going?
po, Oct 21 2002

       I would prefer a winners/losers version, more like a demolition derby. More destruction, crumpled chair parts, and body parts I suppose too...
dag, Oct 21 2002

       fairground bumper rides featured large in my teenage years and the lads who worked the rides would stand on the bumpers and ride along with you taking your money and flirt. how we admired their jumping from car to car mid-ride. <sigh>
po, Oct 21 2002

       bumper cars are practically the only reasion I go to fairs anymore, and boy are they fun. Try spending the entire time driving in reverse next time.
kaz, Oct 21 2002

po, Oct 21 2002

       With all the liability considerations, they've taken all the fun out of all the bumper cars around here.
You have to do laps. Its not bumper cars, its driving in a circle.
A sign proclaims: NO BUMPING.
And the wait? 45 minutes. No thank you.
BinaryCookies, Oct 21 2002

       Bumper Skirt?!?!?!?! That's what interns are for!
whatastrangeperson, Mar 14 2004


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