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Power Naps

Better than a coffee break.
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I know I'm not the only one who has been in a meeting or class or just sitting and reading some document and found himself fighting back sleep. I'm sure others than myself have also noticed that if one succumbs to this urge, the actual rest time usually lasts only a few minutes and one then awakes refreshed and alert. Since we allow bathroom, coffee, and cigarette breaks, I propose that we allow nap breaks. Yes, naps can rage out of control. Yes, one should have tried to get a better night sleep or eaten a better breakfast (though sometimes this makes no difference). Yes, there are times, such as during one's presentations or while performing surgery, when a nap, however brief, cannot occur. Other than this, there is just the stigma and embarrassment of being found asleep and vulnerable (especially if one drools), but mandating such breaktimes at any location (or specifying special areas) would ease this problem and probably prevent numerous other problems (eg. math and writing errors) which we can attribute to lack of adequate rest.
centauri, Dec 05 2000

Driver fatigue and road naps http://www.rospa.co...CHMENTS/fatigue.pdf
15-minute naps perk up tired drivers. [pottedstu, Dec 05 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Where are these companies? I need to work for them!!
barnzenen, Dec 06 2000

       What do you mean there's no naptime in school zippyanna? I have four of them! Calculus, AP English, Problems of Democracy, and Chemistry...
djhotsauce, Dec 07 2000

       Will the " Power " from your power naps provide the power to power your heated underpants? See Fashion Section.
Jonathan, Dec 08 2000

       When I had first started working in Dialysis, I thought it was weird that the breakroom wasn't for breaks it was for sleeping! But when you work 12 and 14hr shifts and you are responsible for someone's life, you should be allowed to sleep through your dinner break if you want! hehe.
leefryder, Dec 08 2000

       The office where I used to work had a couch in a back room of the women's bathroom. I figured that smokers go outside roughly 15 minutes every hour and a half or so. 8 hour days... that's about an hour and 15 minutes! A non smoker should get the same priveleges. Ah... nap time. Though that's about all i do in college, so I'm not complaining.
DreamGoddess, Feb 13 2001

       My advice: work for a Japanese company. When I worked for a Japanese-owned multinational bank, there was a real "nap room" in a quiet part of the same floor that held the cafeteria. The nap room was separated into sleep cubicles, each of which contained a cot with blankets. The room was kept dark from daylight with actual blackout curtains from WWII.   

       Best of all, there was a "buffer" room between the nap room and the hall outside. On the outside door of the buffer room hung a sign, advising people to be quiet. It was a progressive, humane, absolutely beautiful idea.   

       The bank merged with another in 1996, but for all I know, the nap room may still be there ...
1percent, Mar 20 2001

       According to research on traffic accidents, 15 minutes is the optimum time for a nap to perk you up. 20 minutes or over, and you'll start sliding into sleep, much less and there's no point.
pottedstu, Nov 07 2001

       A fresh juicy apple actually does nice at freshening you up. But a sleep is sleep :) so you get a +ve.
kamathln, Feb 07 2005

       Of course, some of us have trouble falling asleep at short notice for such short periods, so a small team of large men with wooden mallets and buckets of cold water stand by to help.
spacer, Feb 08 2005

       pretty much fully baked in my last company in San Francisco where I had a nap/nursing room built off our rec room (w/ pool table, air hockey, foosball table, etc). Also had showers put in just in case folks hit the gym right across the street. We'd pull all-nighters occasionally and it definitely came in handy...+
Chrome, Feb 09 2005


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