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Regenerative-braking washing machine

Give your undies a blow job - KERs for clothes
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Mr & Mrs Miele really do make an exceptionally good washer/dryer.
The washing results are very good; the drying results remarkable.
What's not great is when the two functions are combined in a single program - the very fast spin speed ensures that the load is welded to the drum before the tumble cycle begins, meaning that tumbling never really gets going.
What is proposed is that drum braking is used to power an air compressor and the compressed air is stored in an accumulator, like a SCUBA tank.
Then, before the tumble cycle begins, the air is released into the drum in a short blast though high-pressure nozzles, causing the load to become unstuck, and a natural tumbling action to be engendered.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Aug 13 2013

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