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Pick Pocket Robot

Take clothes from hamper and put in washing machine
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Take clothes from the hamper and put them in the washing machine only after checking the pockets for tissues, money, receipts, and whatever else you've been searching for everywhere and forever since you took that shirt off.
pashute, Jan 14 2024


       Why would I need a robot? I have a wife to do that.   

       (who fortunately doesn’t read HB)
a1, Jan 14 2024

       Set this loose at the mall. Bedlam ensues. Much more exciting than that BS in the laundry room.
minoradjustments, Jan 17 2024

       We don't have robots that can consistently handle cloth of the same size and shape for mass production in automation. Developing one that can consistently pick up a random piece of cloth and find all the pockets is going to be, to be polite, difficult.   

       It's the sort of thing that machine learning might make possible, but it's probably on par with self driving vehicle for complexity.
MechE, Jan 19 2024


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