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Mini washing machine

Just clamp this sucker on and get that stain out!
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Ever had a newly incurred, nasty stain on your sleeve/collar/pants/conspicuously embarrassingly close to your going, and had to go to an important something or other?

Enter: Mini washing machine.

Imagine one of those little toy eggs that you get at easter. The ones that break in two. It's like that except it has rare earth magnets on either sides where the eggs opens. Inside is a small pump/brush type thingy.

Simply: Clamp the "egg" onto either side of the cloth being washed (the magnets provide a really good seal to prevent any spillage), add a few drops of soap (whatever is available) and some water. Press the red button and it starts up. 2 minutes later, it's done and a compact fan drys whatever remaining water on the shirt off.

Available in 3 sizes: dribble, spill, and glass of red wine.

swimr, Jul 06 2004


       How do you rinse the soap away?
phoenix, Jul 07 2004

       Mind if I give my take on this, [swimr]?   

       I can see where you might have a soap solution in one half of the "egg" and clear water in the other. Covering the opening of each half would be a rubber diaphragm. After the two halves are clamped (magnetically, as prescribed) together over the soiled area, a valve is opened in the soap half's diaphragm and a plunger mechanism retracts the diaphragm thereby forcing cleaning solution out of the shell and into the space between the 2 diaphragms where the soiled fabric is captured. The plunger is turned to close the valve. The plunger is then actuated manually, forcing the diaphragm back to a flat shape and consequently forcing cleaning solution back and forth through the fabric as the plunger is pulled back and released.   

       Then the plunger is turned to reopen the valve, the plunger is pressed in to force the solution between the diaphragms back in to the one half of the egg.   

       The process is then repeated with the other half of the egg which contains clean rinse water.   

       Not a perfect version by any means: mention of problems, such as leakage between the egg halves and the plunger seal, was intentionally ovoided.
half, Jul 07 2004

       //intentionally ovoided// "Toot-toot-toot-toot, man all stations. Pun alert! Pun alert!"
FarmerJohn, Jul 07 2004

       Very similar mini washing device type thing already baked. Look for MagicWash Portable Clothes Washer on the net.
Mike777, Jun 02 2007

       The difference between that and this idea is that this washing contraption is for *part of a shirt*, clipping on around the stain - that's an order of magnitude smaller (and less likely to be actually produced...) than the MagicWash. Nice one, half!
jutta, Jun 02 2007


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