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Relationship Food

Mommy the cookies keep telling me that they are good for my brain.
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Someone described their love of diet coke to me as a vice this morning. They said that there was a can in the fridge waiting for them.

I asked is it calling you right now? and this inspired the question what if food could actually call you and communicate a message.

For example you buy some broccoli and before it goes bad its sends you a text message telling you "hey i am about to go bad why don't we stir fry tonight here is a recipe!"

Another example: You want someone to stop drinking diet coke because you think it rots their teeth and their guts, well then you can program the messages that the cans send to them. (sexy voice calls them)"Hey baby are you thirsty for me? I am feeling wet and delicious! I can't wait to erode the enamel from your teeth and sting your tongue today...Why don't you come and get me?"

Imagine programming a 12 pack of cans to antagonize your loved one?

I think that this would become a highly useful technology for fighting addiction and cutting down on waste.

Also people with a sexual food fetish would dig this, they could with the help of a friend carry on a long term relationship with the food item of their choice. Imagine the messages that a jar of peanut butter or chocolate sauce could send you while you are working.

vfrackis, Mar 24 2009


       Can I get a 4-pack of beer to sing barber shop style?   

       If so then [+]
miasere, Mar 24 2009

       so, how does it work?
xandram, Mar 24 2009

       There are already intelligent fridges - would the intelligent food enter into a dialog with that? *Hey, it's a little cold for little banana me, don't you think? - Ya, but milky over there is one day over the date, so i'm keeping it frosty - Hey! don't pin this on me! I was yelling at the human for a week to use me in some, in _any_ recipe, but he wouldn't listen. Used creme fraiche instead, the prick.
loonquawl, Mar 24 2009

       Nothing to do with 9œ Weeks then? Shame.
zen_tom, Mar 24 2009

       well, you just jumped the shark, there, [vfrack], but in general, i wish i had a better way of knowing when freshies were about to unfresh themselves. i've thrown out a lot of dollars in the form of old fruit and veg.
k_sra, Mar 24 2009

       I can just imagine opening the fridge to find the contents splattered all about and lying limply at the bottom... except one dented can of spam bouncing eagerly on the top shelf... [+]
FlyingToaster, Mar 24 2009


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