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Tastiny: fortune candy

For the blind to taste what their future looks like
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The human tongue: an amazing muscle and one of the smallest organs of the body. It's a 60-70 gram wonder that allows us to enjoy diverse pleasures like kissing, talking, singing, tasting delicious foods and is even used to place decorating rings (ouch).

But its powers don't stop there: the tongue is also the most touch-sensitive part of our bodies. Babies learn most about how things feel by putting them into their mouth and feeling them with their tongue, it finds rough spots that our fingers don't find and makes edges and bumps feel so much bigger.

Tastiny fortune candy would be given to the blind in chinese restaurants as a substitute for regular fortune cookies. These squared candies will have the consumer's fortune written in braille on both sides of the candy, so that the blind can read their Tastiny fortune candy with their tongue.

For bitter auguries, bitter candy (liquorice flavor) and for benevolent predictions, strawberry or apple. Mint for refreshing news.

Pericles, Nov 29 2004


       I'm blind, do you mind if I feel your face (with my tongue)?
phundug, Nov 29 2004

       Sure... lick away.   

       <Empties chilli powder on hands and covers cheeks and forehead with it>
Pericles, Nov 29 2004

swamilad, Nov 29 2004

       <puts tastiny in mouth> "You... will... suffer... great... injury... if... you... <GULP!> oh no, I swallowed it! what was the rest of that fortune?
phundug, Nov 29 2004

       For children, market as Dentisty. Each piece says, "Doesn't getting cavities taste great?"
Guncrazy, Nov 30 2004

       Mmmmm peanut braitille.   

       You know those love-heart sweets you can get, with a daft message written across them? They usually say something like "lover boy" or "hug me" (recently, they say bizarre things like "e-mail"). They would work great with braille.
spiritualized, Nov 30 2004


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