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Religion/Faith Comparison Website

For those who want to make an informed decision before joining a cult
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You know how there are websites where you can compare different features between products. Or different features between programming languages.

Maybe we should have a site dedicated to "religion/cults", who are looking for certain faiths that best suits them.

Maybe they want their god to have a male and female version? Or maybe genderless.

Or they want a faith that is supercompact in terms of rules to follow (e.g. just 10 commandments to follow only!). Or maybe they want one that is fast to learn and follow.

It can cover both artificial and naturally evolved religions. Do you want one where the founding leader is still living or dead?

Or maybe you want a god that is badass like Thor? Too many choices?

Well there is always the random button. Works just as well as the lottery of birth!

mofosyne, Jan 04 2015

Human Language Comparison Website Human_20Language_20Comparison_20Website
Structure lifted off this. [mofosyne, Jan 04 2015]

alternativeto http://alternativeto.net/
Nice website for software cults [mofosyne, Jan 04 2015]

"Pop The Bottle(Fill Me Up)" - Jessica Mauboy [Warning: VEVO ] https://www.youtube...watch?v=cynEO9RyZhs
Whatever will "Pop The Bottle" to your love for that religion. [mofosyne, Jan 04 2015]

all religions are beautiful http://www.clickhol...-are-beautiful-1543
[calum, Jan 04 2015]

Baked - google "religion comparison chart" http://www.religion..._religion_chart.htm
[MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 04 2015]

diffen.com http://www.diffen.com/
Having looked up comparing anything against anything else (which I thought was a good idea) I found this website. [zen_tom, Jan 05 2015]


       Believes horses can fly vs Believes people can walk on water. And so forth?
popbottle, Jan 04 2015

       Whatever will "Pop The Bottle" to your love for that religion.
mofosyne, Jan 04 2015

       God Compare!
DrBob, Jan 04 2015

       You mean like <link> ?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 04 2015

       Looks like it somewhat. Something seems rather missing from this thought, can't quite pin it down.   

       Maybe a mode where you can compare a shortlist of religions in bigger details?   

       Much like how one would conduct a hiring process.
mofosyne, Jan 04 2015

       Well Thank you Jesus for coming in !   

       You'll have our decision in by Letter in A couple of Weeks.
popbottle, Jan 05 2015

       If you examine non-cult religions closely enough, in essence comparing a faith to itself, you might end up rejecting all of them as being self- inconsistent (to say nothing of one being "better" than another). For example in Christianity, God is supposed to be "just". There are claims, however, that various infractions committed during a FINITE lifespan are punished eternally/infinitely. Kind of like, "rob a bank, be tortured for a trillion years, just for starters" --how does that qualify as "just" (a punishment that fits the crime)? Perhaps the claims of infinite torment are simply lies? Then why should you believe anything else that is claimed about Christianity, eh?   

       This Idea basically opens up a major can of worms....
Vernon, Jan 05 2015

       //can of worms//...a particular vermiculous tin from which a torrent of oligochaetae, entozoon and nematoda have been steadily emerging since it first sprang open in ancient times.   

       It has however given me an idea for a more general comparison website, the text of which I shall type out forthwith.
zen_tom, Jan 05 2015

       Tying down exactly what adherents to different religions believe is controversial. For example at different ends of the spectrum you'll get Christians that hold a rational, science-based worldview while others believe in a literal six-day creation. Regardless of this they'll probably have very similar views on morality and ethics. Therefore, I think the more important thing to capture in any comparison of religions is how good they are at producing fair and tolerant societies. This would also be controversial, but there's a lot of data out there so it should be amenable to analysis.
EnochLives, Jan 05 2015

       Perhaps it should have Amazon-style suggestions?   

       "People who believe this also believe..."
Wrongfellow, Jan 08 2015


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