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Turntable of Temples

How two (or three) religions can get along with each other better.
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They say that the holiest place in Jerusalem is the place where the Jewish Temple of Solomon used to be, and where the Muslim Dome of the Rock mosque currently is located. There are those who wish to destroy the second in order to rebuild the first. (There are also those who say that as soon as this is accomplished, the AntiChrist will be revealed. As you read the following, I can but hope that that bad person won't turn out to be me!)

Suggestion: 1) Temporarily MOVE the Dome of the Rock to a new location.

2) Build a gigantic turntable.

3) Move the Dome of the Rock onto the turntable. Rotate until Dome is back at its original location and orientation. Recommence worship services as usual.

4) Rebuild Temple of Solomon on other area of giant turntable. Upon completion, work out a schedule allowing the Temple of Solomon to be rotated into its proper position and orientation, for appropriate worship services. At other times, of course, the Dome of the Rock would be in operation.

5) If the Christians somehow need to get into the act with their own temple (I think I encountered something to the effect that the Holy Sephulcre may be affected by construction described above), just make sure the turntable is gigantic enough to accommodate it, too!

6) Should there ever be a conflict in scheduling, roll some dice or something, and let God decide. ("God does indeed play dice with the Universe, and sometimes even throws them into places where they cannot be seen." --Stephen Hawking)

Vernon, Apr 13 2002


       following you so far, Vernon. will the AntiChrist be a worry at all in all this? any thoughts on him? ; would lay money on it not being you dear.
po, Apr 13 2002

       po, it may be that UnaBubba has provided the key insight, for who else would throw a spanner into the works?
Vernon, Apr 13 2002

       a much more human mechanic I am afraid.
po, Apr 13 2002

       Croissant. I understood it.
neelandan, Apr 15 2002


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