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Apostatic Church

The Church of Apostacy
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The Church of Apostacy exists to enable its adherents to join and then leave as many different religious and cultural groups as possible.

If any disciple of the Church of Apostacy finds a religious or cultural grouping they are not yet an ex-member of, they are duty bound to first join and then leave that grouping.

The Church collects donations and sponsorship to fund its extensive bueraucratic apparatus which provides administrative, financial and practical support for adherents, so as to streamline if not automate their joining and leaving of each movement.

Each adherent is formally known as a "probationer" since of course they cannot be considered a full member until they renounce their membership of the Church of Apostacy.

pocmloc, Aug 27 2021

Religion_20taster_20selection Hinted at in this idea [pocmloc, Aug 27 2021]


       It would need to have a "protection" division, to look after those who leave religions that you're "not allowed" to leave.
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 27 2021

       What if you never join one in the first place?   

       Does that make you antiapostatic?   

       Would donations be an "apostatic charge"? And if they ask for more, it might give you an "apostatic shock".
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 28 2021

       If you don't join, you can't leave!   

       It's a bit like wanting to be a parachutist, but not wanting to ascend beforehand!   

       And leaving is your moral and spiritual duty... if you are a true Apostate.
pocmloc, Aug 28 2021

       From the title, I thought this was going to be a very well-insulated church (from the prefix "apo-" meaning "separate from, free from, etc." and "static", as in static electricity)
hippo, Aug 28 2021

       Well grounded, surely?
pocmloc, Aug 28 2021


       So, the Russell Set, except you have to stop shaving a lot.
pertinax, Aug 28 2021

       I still think they should electrostatically charge the Kaaba.   

       Howabout an apodynamic church, one in which you could be constantly leaving and rejoining. Bonus points for the fastest digital join-leave-join wave possible before the church authorities cracked down. Extra bonus points if you could transmit Morse code in some spycraft fashion by your state of membership.
RayfordSteele, Aug 29 2021

       [RS] the benefit of that would be that you could leave and rejoin the church multiple times during a service, depending on which bits of the service you like or agree with, which hymns you like, etc.
hippo, Aug 29 2021

       You already know I'm going to bun this. I'd bun it twice if I could. Understanding our differences is the only way peace will ever happen.
blissmiss, Aug 29 2021

       Could you approach a state of quantum membership indeterminance?   

       If you were to put a Catholic priest in a box with a choir boy, can his state of purity be detemined without opening the box? Is the priest a dualistic waveform saint and child molester simultaneously?
RayfordSteele, Aug 30 2021


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