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Same number different mobiles

One number, multiple phones
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I have this inherent problem of not keeping the cell phone with myself. It is always lying somewhere and I often miss important calls. Would it be feasible to have sim cards having same number that can be used in multiple phones. All of them will ring together, get the texts. I can keep one phone in each room, in my office and so forth. :)
ojasds, Dec 08 2010

FCC Guidelines http://wireless.fcc...tions_5&id=cellular
Multiple Phones With Same Number [aguydude, Dec 14 2010]


       Welcome to the halfbakery.
(do you not hear your phone ringing?)
xandram, Dec 08 2010

       From my feeble understanding of the system, I say it could be easily done, as long as all phones were in the same tower's area.
baconbrain, Dec 08 2010

       Skype?! It's not like you to offer a proprietary solution Mr. [Tindale].   

       This idea, [ojasds], falls under the general concept of "multihoming" in telecommunications. This is where a person may be reached at two or more network endpoints (devices or whatever) that may also be part of different networks (so not just your cellphone carrier). There is loads of research in the field (mainly for IP addresses) - none of it is exactly widely-known.   

       Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a standard protocol in the IP suite that can be used to start a session (like VoIP) and it can keep track of different end-points (your phones). For example, I could be contacted at a particular domain: jinbish @provider.fake - within that I could have:
phone1.jinbish @provider.fake,
phone2.jinbish @provider.fake,
landline.jinbish @provider,fake, and
telepathy_implant... etc.
You "dial" jinbish @provider.fake and my service provider does the rest, depending on my settings/ preferences/ billing.
{Skype doesn't use SIP but has it's own proprietary protocol to keep track of where you are logged on}

       The thing about SIM is that it is linked to a unique account (for billing purposes). The carriers would need to quite a lot of jiggery-pokery to make it work (basically, what [21Q] said!).
Jinbish, Dec 08 2010

       One head, one phone. How difficult can it be?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 08 2010

       And have one another's babies.   

       // not keeping the cell phone with myself. //   

       There's your problem, right there. What you need is to have your communications device physically integrated with your cellular structure.   

       We have a great offer on that this month. Strength is irrelevant, resistance is futile. We wish to improve ourselves. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service ours. You can pay via all major credit and debit cards.
8th of 7, Dec 08 2010

       [IT]: Yeah, Skype have pretty much sealed the VoIP market as far as I can tell (in terms of visibility to the user, anyway)... Don't know if the company is making money yet...
[8th]: Sorry mate, some of us sparkies don't go for your sales pitch. We know that R >> 0.
Jinbish, Dec 08 2010

       We have a really great health plan, though ...
8th of 7, Dec 08 2010

       Google Voice allows you to have one number, and it ring multiple phones immediately when you receive a call.
senatorjam, Dec 09 2010

       //Now all that needs to happen is for twitter and skype to buy each other.//   

       So, would that be "Twerp" or "Swipe"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 09 2010

       Most virtual phone number/VOiP providers such as RingCentral have the option to ring multiple phones. So if you forget your phone but have another handy (e.g. you run to the convenient store and get a $10 Tracphone) you will receive your calls.
Jscotty, Dec 11 2010

       having known many people have their phones stolen on nights out, or having simply lost them i can easily see the merits behind this idea. If i'm planning on going out and getting rather unable to control my actions or defend myself from losing the phone then i can take a cheap simple handset out with me able to call and text only, then when i'm sober and in control i can take my lovely android smart phone safe in the knowledge i am a functional human being and hopefully able to take care of it. From a technical stand point it would definitely require some jiggling of the system but it could work
ComatoseSheep, Dec 11 2010


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