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Rock-band Cellphone

Create music via motions with your cellphone
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Assuming your cellphone has an accelerometer built in (to give it the ability to sense motion) why not have it so it can have a selection of orchestral instruments to choose from and once you select one you hear that instrument played at a certain key, and as you moved the cellphone around (e.g. raise it high in air = higher pitch / lower to the ground = lower pitch) the instruments sound changes.

You then select to store that sequence, and then proceed to select another instrument, and repeat above. After all is done you combine your sequence of sounds you made together and your John Williams-like masterpiece is done all on your cellphone.

I figure it is a nice, creative time killer while you are on the go.

quantass, Mar 15 2008


       I was expecting this to be a small brass band that stands in your corridor and plays uptempo tunes while you and your friends carry boxes of books to the truck. But this is nice, too.
jutta, Mar 15 2008

       //tunes while you and your friends carry boxes of books//
It would be interesting to hear the resulting melody of persons doing mundane chores. I expect it to be moving.

       If a number of people gathered with Moving Orchestra Phones, on the commuter train, for example, they could each have a part in creating symphonic euphoria. Linked phones could save this magnum opus.
Amos Kito, Mar 15 2008

       It's somewhat peripheral to the idea, but why would a cellphone have an accelerometer?
angel, Mar 31 2008

       //It's somewhat peripheral to the idea, but why would a cellphone have an accelerometer//
Lots do - Nokia N95, N82...iPhone (probably).
A simple way of detecting the phone's orientation, and it also provides the opportunity to offer novel forms of interaction, like tapping the phone, or inverting it to silence an alarm, or waving dismissively to reject an incoming call.
You could also use it as a g-meter when mounted on your dashboard, via 3rd party apps.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 31 2008


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