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Remote Control Bobber

Full control of your boober in the water. No re casts needed!
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Thats basically it. Cast it out. If not where you want you use a joystick to tell it to move. Propelled by small fans in the water powered my cellular power. I want to be green of course.

Years ago I build an auto hook bobber. But I'd prefer not to have to recast all the time, Fighting currents and wind. So a bobbler that I can control. Advanced bobbler would not have a joy stick but an optical locator. You just look to where you want it and it goes to that position.

Mett, Feb 26 2008

Remote control boat fishing http://www.avivafishinbuddy.com/
Up to 2lb fish. Kinda does what you're looking for. [Sometimer, Feb 27 2008]

It's Boober! http://www.truffles...le_Rock_dollbig.jpg
[Klaatu, Mar 02 2008]

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       "powered my cellular power"

       Also, you spelled "bobber" three different ways.
phoenix, Feb 26 2008

       No, sorry; not a clue. Anyone? Anyone?
angel, Feb 26 2008

       I think a "bobber", "boober" or "bobbler" is what fishingmen refer to as a "float" - the thing that floats (hence, I suppose, the name) above your hook, and bobs up and down when a fish bites.   

       Mett is apparently proposing a dirigible float, guided by remote control and powered by some sort of magic, so that you can move your hook without having to recast.   

       Actually, I think this is a brilliant idea. Its logical extension is to fish using a remote-controlled model fishing boat, with replica fisherman casting their lines over the side. Remote control fishing! Brilliant! In fact, I shall hie me to the "add" link and post this very idea [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 26 2008

       Perhaps if this was in the category of sport: [fishing]?   

       I thought part of the enjoyment of fishing was the recasting, no?
Canuck, Feb 26 2008

       How about electrically reanimated bait? I've seen RC cochroaches.
MisterQED, Feb 26 2008

       "Full control of your boober" - I believe I have that already, thank you very much.   

       But I am thinking that the sound of the propellers on this thing is going to give the game away to the fish.
DrCurry, Feb 26 2008

       Micro bobber is practical...look at the tiny RC flying helicopters....You know what...I'm going to go to work in my shop on this one tonight...Thanks Mett...this is one helluva idea.
Blisterbob, Feb 27 2008

       //I want to be green of course.// [marked-for-tagline]
bnip, Mar 02 2008


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