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Remote Fork

No, not a self-powered fork that you manipulate from across the room, enabling you to retrieve nibbles from a distant buffet or to prong tasty morsels from your dining companions‘ plates without them noticing. Not that at all. Also not simply a fork a long way away from anything else. no.
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The fork is in the form of a comfortable ergonomic handle and a branching series of clips. One of your remote control units is fixed to each clip. Now you can sit on the sofa, holding the branching monstrosity aloft, and press whatever button needs pressing in a swift single movement.

The fork branches are modular so more can be added as you acquire ever more remotes.

The Executive model includes pivoted fork branches powered by a small electric motor so that at the press of one of the many illuminated buttons on the front end of the handle, the desired remote is rotated to be uppermost from the dangling stack of dozens of units.

pocmloc, Dec 12 2012


       I can see this putting undue strain on the wrist, as the remotes proliferated and the centre of gravity crept further out from the fulcrum.   

       I suggest instead a remote Lazy Susan, except that it would rotate around a horizontal axis, where that axis could be pulled across as needed from the arm of the seat, a bit like a side- mounted tray table.   

       Once pulled across, it could be spun lazily until the required remote came to the top.
pertinax, Nov 01 2021


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