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Your own interplanetary drone

Explore what you want
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Starting about ten years from now, SpaceX dumps your little craft into space along with many others and let the journey begin. Pilot it from earth, experience space from an engineering perspective, plan year long trips to remote asteroids. But most importantly, dont forget to equip a miniature laser cannon, because what if someone else did.
leinypoo13, Dec 04 2013


       Given signal delays, a remotely-controlled outer space drone war would be a fun challenge.   

       Can I buy two and pilot them to shoot at eachother?   

       Not certain what shining a light onto them will do, unless they are equipped with laser tag sensors.   

       Hmmm... space opera laser tag...
RayfordSteele, Dec 04 2013

       Finally I'll be able to physically claim my acre of Mars that I bought from the Lunar Embassy. We'll see who gets the last laugh now!
the porpoise, Dec 04 2013

       "Battlebots in Space" ...
Vernon, Dec 04 2013


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