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Remote power booster

This device fits on the end of any remote controller and transmits a stronger signal to increase its effective range
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An infra-red photodiode picks up the signal from the remote and with a power Mosfet, drives a high power infra-red LED. With two lenses added, the beam can be collimated; allowing the control of appliances from as a far away as a half-mile.

I have a DVD recorder, just purchased for $150. I use it to record from a broken camcorder head and I'm not always close to the DVD's poor pick-up area.

mensmaximus, Jun 12 2005


       What would you want to use a remote control on from half a mile away?
hidden truths, Jun 12 2005

       //What would you want to use a remote control on from half a mile away?//   

       So he can change channel on his neighbour's pay-per-view. ("Down in front!")
Adze, Jun 13 2005

       //What would you want to use a remote control on from half a mile away// Fission-powered toaster?
coprocephalous, Jun 13 2005

       A remote control toaster would be rather good if you could load it in the evening and then set it to toast when you wake up remotely. That way it should be ready just when you make your way to the kitchen.
hidden truths, Jun 13 2005

       What a wonderfull idea! Tim the Toolman springs to mind. Love it want it.
zeno, Jun 13 2005

       Good idea.+
Did you know you can usually see the infra red from the LEDs by using your video camera to look at them? A good way to check them out.
Ling, Jun 13 2005


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