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Remotely Operated Auto Mechanics

Whaddya mean you can't fix my car?
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High school vocational and industrial arts programs are dwindling as parents instead steer their children towards college and white-collar computer-based futures. Many remaining programs haven’t kept pace with current auto technology, turning out insufficiently trained tradespeople, and the need for qualified auto mechanics is rising fast. With fewer skilled mechanics entering the job world to replace retiring mechanics, the turnaround time for car repairs is growing.

In areas without enough mechanics to go around, the mechanic would be centralized in the manner of remotely operated drone controllers. Qualified mechanics would operate in a room of computer monitors and tech manuals, communicating to a crew of technicians who are actually in the repair bays. Techs would wear protective eyewear incorporating cameras and microphones that transmit the sights and sounds to the mechanic. The mechanic is the “brains” of the pairing, the expertise, reviewing documentation, giving instruction and procedures, the techs are the “hands”, operating the test probes, turning the wrenches, replacing the modules.

In this manner, one mechanic can direct an entire shop, diagnosing and repairing more vehicles in less time than if that mechanic were physically there doing them alone. The semi-skilled techs would get hands-on experience, the customer has a reduced wait time, the shop makes money.

whatrock, Mar 07 2016

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       This idea reduces human beings to nothing more than centrally-controlled drones.   

       Fine, very good. Carry on. [+]
8th of 7, Mar 07 2016

       I was hoping this was a robotic mechanic that could be deployed cheaply to make house calls or roadside repairs.   

       Once your system is set up, the master mechanic may be located overseas: possibly trained at the factory where the car was built. [+]
scad mientist, Mar 07 2016

       These flowcharts based on symptoms already exist, created by teams of service engineers, master mechanics, product design engineers, and tech writers and illustrators. See your local dealership.
RayfordSteele, Mar 07 2016

       Instead of "Hands to Work, Hearts to God" like the Shakers, we have:   

       Techs hands to work, mechanics heads to control.   

       Sounds like the beginning of a heartless religious cult.   

       Perhaps started by GM, Toyota, and Ma Bell.
popbottle, Mar 09 2016


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