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Airbnb meets Uber
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Snoozeroo is the name given to the new service which is a mobile capsule style hotel that you can summon with an app, in the same way as you would call an Uber taxi.

Snoozeroo takes the form of a large double deck van housing five secure sleeping capsules on its upper level. Instead of stumbling home after a concert or some other night out on the town, you can call up a Snoozeroo. On arrival you simply present your entry code and one of the comfortable capsule doors opens to allow you to access the comfortable cocoon that awaits your somnolence, as the Snoozeroo gently drives off to pick up its next weary guest.

On its lower deck a compact toilet and shower cubicle enables its overnight guests to freshen up before departing.

Priced at a flat rate of €100 night, so it's cheaper than most hotels and no need for tiresome running around looking for a vacancy. Snoozeroo vans offer a unique business franchise opportunity. Remember where you saw it first.

xenzag, Aug 10 2019

Baked for tours, since 1974 https://greentortoi...out-tour-video.html
Evening interior switchover is called 'The Miracle' [Sgt Teacup, Aug 12 2019]


       Woken up in a shop doorway yet again, [xen] ?
8th of 7, Aug 10 2019

       ^ and, of course, gently-used organs, delivered fresh! still warm!
Sgt Teacup, Aug 11 2019

       The price point is a bit high. Maybe a long tow-bar trailer unit with a second tier.
wjt, Aug 11 2019

       ^ €100 includes anaesthesia.
Sgt Teacup, Aug 11 2019

       Temporary top shelf, in more than one respect.
wjt, Aug 11 2019

       //The price point is a bit high.// Try finding a hotel room in any major city (like London or Amsterdam or Barcelona or Dublin) worth being in at 1.00am for less than twice that price and without travelling miles out into the sticks.
xenzag, Aug 11 2019

       I love this, and I'm traveling next week. Would really like this available to me for dirt cheap. See what you can arrange in the next couple days...please?
blissmiss, Aug 11 2019

       Carrymehome.com for the wealthy...?
RayfordSteele, Aug 12 2019

       I thought of a similar idea using converted tour buses.   

       Then I remembered what it was like traveling and trying to sleep on a tour bus.   

       Idea terminated.
doctorremulac3, Aug 12 2019


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