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Remove unwanted ads from your tv viewing

delay box with internet connection is told when to change the data stream to a preferred option.
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So you would have a delay box set up to buffer say 5 seconds of tv you are currently watching. Using a profile of your creation you can choose what type of ads you want to see instead of the ones that are assigned by the ad producers.

useful for hawk parenting to stop them from seeing ads of a commerical nature or sexual nature or any nature.

A database of current ads would be made and they will be tagged for various conditions so users have a range of filters to apply.

the content delivered during the ad break or indeed tv show slot where the customer is watching could be changed to any number of desired media including games.

lostmind, Jan 10 2012

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       Sorry, i haven't slept. My thoughts fade in and out at the moment.   

       where would you like your croissant served?
lostmind, Jan 10 2012

       I bet it didn't contain real butter anyway. I can believe its not butter.   

       I don't even think they sell that here any more.
lostmind, Jan 11 2012

       why require users to enter data? Hulu for instance, already knows what you click on, & then serves up more relevant ads. Google already tracks *everything* you do, to serve up more relevant ads. All those take no action by the user.
sophocles, Jan 12 2012


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