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Rename Monday to Bitchday

And allow copious bitching, moaning and sarcasm
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Everyone's miserable on monday. All people want to do is complain. This is because they are too tired to form any coherent thought processes, and the complaint centres of the brain are the most primitive and lowest-maintenance, allowing them to run when there is insufficient energy for higher functions like remembering not to wear your trainers to work. This is why people say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

Since no work ever gets done on a Monday, due to a combination of people forgetting what they were doing last Friday, people forgetting everything they've ever learnt, and people talking about the weekend, I propose that every Monday at all workplaces be devoted to the neo-pagan feast of Bitchday. I have yet to work out the details, but complaining about stuff and using the word "jackasses" a lot will certainly form a major part of this.

Maybe people could spend their time at work discussing what they've done wrong in the previous week, and general flaws with the company they work for. Obviously you can't just take Monday off, because then Tuesday would be Bitchday.

I apologise for the ill-formed nature of this idea, but it's Monday.

pottedstu, May 20 2002


       Try putting this in Culture: Week, jackass!
DrBob, May 20 2002

       c'mon give me a break, it's Monday!
pottedstu, May 20 2002

       I like Mondays; a day when I am generally at my best.  I like to take advantage of those who are at their worst on this day, so I guess you could still call it a bitch day.
bristolz, May 20 2002

       I have no problem with Mondays, but generally am flagging by Friday ; which over this side of the pond is POETS day.
po, May 20 2002

       Everyone knows Wednesday is the worst day of the week - nothing but work stretches out in both directions... The past weekend was another lifetime, and Friday afternoon will never come.   

       And there's not much on telly.
yamahito, May 20 2002

       There, I took the fishy off this idea. Thank DrCurry for bringing this to my attention. :)
XSarenkaX, Aug 01 2002

       DrC. attention wandering? the twins are watching you!
po, Aug 01 2002


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