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'Round Corner Hood Ornament

For country roads and busy streets
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Sometimes when you're pulling out into a road you just can't see what is coming. So you inch slowly and pray.

For people who are often in situations like this, there should be a hood ornament that attaches magnetically to the hood. It would be mirrored on 2-3 sides and battery powered so that it can be controlled wirelessly (battery powered) by the driver. This is so that the mirrors on the ornament can be turned to the proper angles to view either way down the offending street.

I think with a little creative design the functional features could be reasonably masked. Or if it is too ugly, you can just pop it on and off when needed.

leinypoo13, Sep 06 2008

wonder how drew is doing? Nose_20Camera
[po, Sep 06 2008]


       just added a plus to the previous idea.   

       our friend drew was in a coma for months following an operation that would allow him to continue his career as a pilot - I wish him and his family well and hope all their wishes and dreams came true...
po, Sep 06 2008

       //previous idea   

       That's a better idea, though more expensive. Hope he's alright.
leinypoo13, Sep 06 2008


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