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Replay Window

a window that you can rewind like a VCR if you want to see something again
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You're looking out the window and witness something of interest. Want to see it again? Just hit replay.
mrthingy, Jan 11 2002


       The way to do it would be to implement the window as a display screen for a video camera. This way you can intercept the signal, record it and replay it in a way that is only limited by the video recorder that the signal is passing through.
Aristotle, Jan 11 2002

       A window TiVo. This is just CCTV, many systems of which come with digital video recorders, allowing this sort of thing.
pottedstu, Jan 11 2002

       pottedstu: Exactly.
Aristotle, Jan 11 2002

       Peter wants to replay his voyeur moments.   

       I'd argue that Aristotle's method of rescuing this idea actually negates the fact that this is a window at all. One can place an external cam anywhere on their house, and monitor it (with a digital playback in line) on a wall mounted flat screen inside. I don't think one can call a security camera a 'window'.   

       I'd like to also point out that, had a newbie come in here and posted this obvious WIBNI with the line "I'll leave the details to the techies," they'd be ripped to shreds by now. Yet this has 8+ and no - at the moment, presumably from established bakers. Snap out of it!
waugsqueke, Jan 11 2002

       Yes, [waugs], as I pointed out about 3 inches further North. I did not fishify because it's not 'a half-baked idea which I think is bad'.
angel, Jan 11 2002

       Sorry, angel. I cannot explain how/why I overlooked your note.
waugsqueke, Jan 11 2002


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