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Restaurant Table Climate Control

remote control bum’s rush
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It’s Friday night and the line is out the door. The bar is six deep and people with reservations have been waiting over an hour. Yet the campers at table seven refuse to move, despite having finished dinner and dessert long ago.

I move to the end of the bar, set the selector to seven and press “cook”. In the floor beneath table seven, a small shutter silently opens and a fan begins pumping out heat. In a matter of minutes the campers are screaming for a check, which the waiter swiftly processes. As they leave I switch seven to “freeze”; the temperature is corrected with a blast of cold air as a team of busboys quickly preps the table.

“Schwarzenegger, party of two? Your table is ready. This way, please.”

This system is also fully capable of providing fine temperature control at each individual table, tailoring the restaurant experience and as a reward for regular patrons.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Fussbudget. Is everything all right?"

"It's a little cold in here. Could you please turn the heat up a bit?"

"Right away, Mrs. Fussbudget."

nuclear hobo, Jul 19 2007


       This is probably a good halfbakery invention, but I don't like to be hurried from a fun after-dinner conversation. If the crowd is pressing on the bar, I don't go back. but then I'm old. what do you young'ns think?
dentworth, Jul 19 2007

nuclear hobo, Jul 19 2007

       Sounds like a air conditioned sushi table, what ever that is?
skinflaps, Jul 19 2007

       Periodically I will unscrew the lightbulb in the lamp over the dinner table at any given dining establishment, if there is adaquate ambient and I find the lamp annoying.   

       In my later youth I am finding myself increasingly fussy about light and noise in my choice of dining establishment.   

       You wouldn't have to change my temperature, which is an expenditure of energy that would incur more of a cost for the establishment. Just gradually elevate the light level and pipe in some localized noise.
normzone, Jul 19 2007


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