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dgiardini atnospam gmail

[Nov 06 2012, last modified Apr 05 2014]
(+4) Audio Vision
(+6) Big Brother ^-1
(+4) Classical Air Guitar Contest
 Democratically elected Pope
(+6) Earth sound
(+2) Electromechanically Driven Audio Compressor
(+6) I don't want to see things like that
(+3) I-nemometer
(+3) Increasing Light Speed
(+8, -1) Latin for Techs
(+1) Low-tech driver alcohol test
(+3, -1) Mythbusters Busters
(+4) Pendulum Clock Precision Retrofit
(+22)(+22)(+22) Rorschach audio test
(+8)(+8) Rotary knobs for computers
(+10)(+10) Sailing battle
(+5, -1) Shrinking boxing ring
(-1) Spectral Loudspeaker
(+17, -1)(+17, -1) Theremin car alarm
(+4) Water Wheel Urinal
(+1) WhatsPhone

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