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Retro spam

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There's an argument for keeping spam alive through the occasional resending of old spam messages to random people. Otherwise people will forget about these and will be gullible to them when they resurface (as they inevitably will). Just an occasional "Craig Shergold" message will immunise a new generation from succumbing to the potential resurgence of "Craig Shergold" messages which will come when spammers are looking for old ideas to reuse.
hippo, Oct 23 2009

Craig Shergold, at Snopes.com http://www.snopes.c...edical/shergold.asp
Definitely part of our cultural history. [Jim Bob of Merriam Park, Oct 23 2009]


       there's an argument? who's Craig Shergold?
dentworth, Oct 23 2009

       I'm afraid the "cure" is as bad as the disease--maybe even the same disease, with a dubious rationale added.
Jim Bob of Merriam Park, Oct 23 2009

       When spam is outlawed only outlaws will have spam?   

       Now in the single serving foil pouch.
popbottle, Jun 09 2013

       I thought this was going to be a bit more steampunk, like Jacquard card that turns up in the post....   

       Written on the back, it promises an image of a lady's ankles if you feed it into your Difference Engine and crank the handle enough times.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 10 2013


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