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Save the bandwidth campaign

Communications zen
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In these times of enlightened self interest, there's an organisation designed to combat wastage of pretty much every natural resource. One notable exception to this is our own dear internet. With spam, viruses and wanton joke e-mail forwarding eating away at our scarce available bandwidth, now is the time to start a campaign to preserve our few remaining pristine optical fibres.

Just say no to chain letters, mp3s of fart sounds and streaming live pr0n.

Remember one less 'me too' today could save a life tommorow (although, to be honest, I can't think how).

(in no-way inspired by The Worlds Greatest Story)

key-aero, Aug 03 2001

For Dog Ed http://www.trill-home.com/lynx.html
It's quick... [key-aero, Aug 03 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

It's quick http://www.w3m.org
and it does tables ...... [key-aero, Aug 03 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

It's not so fast http://www.w3.org/Amaya/
it's not finished, but it does grahics [key-aero, Aug 03 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Arachne http://browser.arachne.cz/
Web browser for DOS (recently ported to Linux) [Dog Ed, Aug 03 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(?) Bandwidth Conservation Society http://www.infohiwa.../faster/homebcs.htm
Style sheets, GIF and JPEG tricks, embeddable fonts. [jutta, Aug 03 2001]

iCab http://www.icab.de
(beta) Mac browser with loads of image/javascript filtering options [JakePatterson, Dec 09 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Go after the advertising banners, especially the ones that download a new graphics-intensive ad every X seconds. My pet project is a web browser which will allow the user to select only HTML; HTML + images but no JavaScript, Java, or animations; no new windows; etc. Actually I'm browsing using the prototype now but it really doesn't work right yet. Ah the travails.
Dog Ed, Aug 03 2001

       Thanks for the links, key-aero. I envision including more graphical elements than Lynx, but with a lot more user control than afforded by most other browsers. I wrote a text-only utility to grab certain Web sites and parse out the data (for work), and yes that mode of operation is *fast* with bells on.   

       Juetti is another simple browser, and Enigma is a good one based on the VB/ActiveX Web Browser object. And check out Arachne--originally a DOS browser written by a Czech fellow for use during his student days on a 386. I had it running on a 486SX (Cyrix processor) at one time but didn't get the connection sorted out before I got bored, deconstructed the box, and moved on to other projects.
Dog Ed, Aug 03 2001

       Hey, thanks! I'd forgotten arachne - I'm off to download it.
key-aero, Aug 03 2001

       I'd rather not get involved in the debate over whether bandwidth is finite and/or endangered, since it's a subject I know nothing about. I am a little disturbed that consumers and industry alike seem to be sold on the "more is better" philosophy. That's how the auto industry developed into a colossal money pit for the American lower middle class. I'd hate to see the same happen to communications. Already many communications products that used to be "luxuries" have become practical "necessities" (necessary for being competitive in the job market, for example). Increases in available bandwidth are almost certainly a good thing, but I hope the world (and perhaps the internet) will always be a safe (and cheap!) place for people who generate and/or use information a few hundred bytes at a time.
LoriZ, Dec 09 2001

       DogEd: Can I put in a request? How about allowing one to choose what a specific page can do? Keep it in text in an cfg file or something...THIS page can't do 'on close open' <or whatever it's called> rather than NO page can do any java*...
StarChaser, Dec 09 2001

       I'd just like to have a button that prevents any active content from operating on next page load. That would cure most of what bugs me about this stuff. [SC] Explorer's security options will allow you to do what you're talking about, to a degree. Add the offending page to the "restricted" category and define "restricted" capabilities as you want to. But then, you knew that.
bristolz, Dec 09 2001

       Bristolz: The problem is that that is on or off. Either all pages in that category can do it or none of them can. I want something like 'keep this website from opening new windows, but run the java game on it; that website is not allowed to open any windows but this link is.'   

       Frex, although it's out of date; Hotlinks has a java* thing that lets you add a link to their website quickly. If I'm in a site that I've had to turn off the java* stuff, <like, in my case, any Tripod, Angelfire or Geocities site> I can't use that.
StarChaser, Dec 09 2001

StarChaser, Dec 10 2001

The iCab browser does exactly what you describe, but only for the Mac.
JakePatterson, Dec 11 2001

       Ironically, [jutta]'s "Bandwidth Conservation Society" link now redirects to a bandwidth-wasting 'sponsored listing' site. (Probably best not to go there; it Only Encourages Them.)
spidermother, Apr 09 2012

       Adblock. I find it mildly surreal browsing the net on machines that don't have it, all those naff adverts and animations...
not_morrison_rm, Apr 09 2012


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